Study-Day with Johan Petri









On immanente processes and collective creative collaborations.

Johan Petri discussed (a) general thoughts on questions around dramaturgy, transformation of philosophical concepts into performative concepts, and on immanent processes in collective creative collaborations, and (b) presented his last theater production, which is based on the music of Joseph Matthias Hauer.

Coordinator: Paulo de Assis. During this study-day Jan Michiels, Valentin Gloor, Paolo Giudici and Paulo de Assis presented and discussed their ongoing projects.

Johan Petri is a Swedish Theater Director, Composer, Dramatist, Dramaturge and Artistic Researcher. He is the founder of the Alice Collective for Sound&Stage Art (founded 1989). He did several productions on the music of John Cage and Mathias Spahlinger, a.o.