Con Luigi Nono: Unfolding Waves

Paulo de Assis exposition ‘Con Luigi Nono: Unfolding Waves’ was just published at the Journal for Artistic Research (Issue 6, 2014). Presenting research and artistic practice in an innovative framework, this exposition contributes to the development of new modes of communicating artistic research.

Abstract. This exposition presents diverse materials related to, or inspired by Luigi Nono’s piece for piano and tape …..sofferte onde serene… (1975–77). Organised in seven modules, the exposition offers different perspectives on a vast collection of materials around the original work, its performative renderings, and its orchestral transformation. Without imposing any sequential logic of reading or listening, the seven modules are numbered following a scale ranging from a more scholarly approach (module 1) to a more creative perspective (module 7). Some modules are more stable, dealing with what the original piece ‘is’ (context, sketches, editions, recordings, analysis), while others propose lines of flight, pointing to states of permanent becoming (renderings, transformations, transcriptions).