Michael Schwab lecture: figure and experimental systems

Canny Maker

A fascinating MAVA lecture from Michael Schwab, which had a number of key elements related to what I am currently thinking about. He started by discussing what he has coined as ‘second order artifacts’, objects which an accidental intervention has changed to show a different material commodity.

  • A new logic, both visual and material appears
  • Thinking happens which is different from just looking at an image
  • You are not meant to see these interventions, they are on the limit of invisibility
  • The intervention is not intentional – something else has caused this effect

He went on to discuss the figure, using a lot of examples from art history. The bits I picked out in particular were what he was saying about the relationship between the mode of production and the representational image. Particularly relevant in my quest to understand concepts of materiality.

  • You can achieve an effect which is more…

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