Honours Class at Leiden University

Inspired by Gilles Deleuze’s Postscript on the Societies of Control, Nietzsche’s second Untimely Meditation, and Jacques Rancière’s Emancipated Spectator, Paulo de Assis unravels some of the dominant power relations affecting the performance of Western music, proposing liberating avenues for an emancipated performer—someone who, based upon the notion of ‘dissensus’, operates a redistribution of the sensible.

The guest lecture will take place today, 17.15, at the Lipsius Building, Cleveringaplaats 1, 2311 Leiden (NL).

The Honours Class–witht he overall title Music and Society: The Role of Music in Society through History, from Plato to Pussy Riot—is organised by Marcel Cobussen and Hafez Ismaili M’hamdi.


2016-2017 marks our twentieth anniversary!
We will celebrate this occasion with forty-eight hours of music, discussion and festivity.
If you want to join us, visit our website and register online.