Presentation at P.A.R.T.S.

Lucia D’Errico has been invited by Orpheus Institute research fellow dr. Luk Vaes to give a presentation at the Performing Arts Research and Training Studios (P.A.R.T.S.) in Brussels. The research project Powers of Divergence has been presented to the students of the programme of the Advanced Research Studios.

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The Dark Precursor

The two volumes of the book The Dark Precursor, edited by Paulo de Assis and Paolo Giudici, have been published by Leuven University Press. The forty-eight chapters in this publication present a kaleidoscopic view of different fields of knowledge and artistic practices, exposing for the first time the diversity and richness of a world situated […]

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Honours Class | Leiden University

Paulo de Assis gives a Keynote Lecture for the Honours Class, Leiden University (NL) on Music and Politics. Inspired by Gilles Deleuze’s Postscript on the Societies of Control, Nietzsche’s second Untimely Meditation, and Jacques Rancière’s Emancipated Spectator, Paulo de Assis unravels some of the dominant power relations affecting the performance of Western music, proposing alternative […]

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Presentation “A practice of divergence” at KUG Graz

ME21’s doctoral student Lucia D’Errico has been invited to present her project in the context of the ARTikulationen conference held at KUG, Graz (AT). The presentation revolved around the practice of “divergent performances” developed within this sub-project of ME21. For the full program of the conference, visit

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ME21 Study day on the work of Romeo Castellucci, with Joao Francisco Figueira (University of Lisbon, Faculty of Architecture)

Saturday, June 24, 14:30-18:30 The Orpheus research cluster MusicExperiment21 increasingly developed a component of ‘staging compositions’, and the work of Romeo Castellucci has functioned as an important reference to the team. This study day with an expert on his work, will present and discuss Castellucci’s aesthetics and techniques.  Joao Francisco Figueira is an architect (studies […]

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