Rasch23 in Casa da Música Porto

The 23rd instantiation of the project RaschX, based on Robert Schumann’s Kreisleriana op. 16 and Roland Barthes’s text Rasch, was performed by ME21 collective in Casa da Música Porto on the 5th of October. The performance, which took place in the Sala 2, was also part of the conference “Performance analysis: a bridge between theory and interpretation”. Team members taking part to this performance were Paulo de Assis (concept and piano), Lucia D’Errico (sound and video projection, intertitles, composition), Juan Parra C. (network sound performance, composition), and Heloisa Amaral (turntable).


ME21—Full Team Meeting

February 3.-5.

During three days ME21 had diverse work sessions:
— ’Nietzsche in Buenos Aires’ (with Paulo de Assis, Michael Schwab, Juan Parra C., Valentin Gloor);
— Presentation of new team members/consultants: Lucia D’Errico, Bobby Mitchell, Jan Michiels, Marlies De Munck
— Lecture/performance by Jan Michiels
— Discussion of Michael Schwab’s recent article on ‘Expositions in the Research Catalogue’
— Internal presentation of ME21’s entry for JAR on Luigi Nono/Paulo de Assis ‘Unfolding Waves’
— Work session on Deleuze and Carmelo Bene (Paolo Giudici)

ME21—Full Team Meeting

During the two days of this meeting we had several working sessions on several topics, such as:
— Discussion on our publication ‘Experimental Systems. Future knowledge in Artistic Research’
— Lecture on Paul Feyerabend, by Bob Gilmore
— Presentation on a Rheinberger-Deleuze bridge, by Paolo Giudici
— Brainstorm for our joint performance ‘Nietzsche in Buenos Aires’ for the Nietzsche Conference in Buenos Aires (2014)
— Exchange of recent readings (including Zizek, DeLanda, Deleuze, Malabou, Foucault, Massoumi, Protevi.