Diabelli Machines #5

Diabelli Machines #5 (05.04.2016) was a performance that resulted from the collaboration between the ME21 Collective and the Frankfurt based Ensemble Interface. This collaboration was preceeded by a two weeks long residency of the Ensemble Interface at the Orpheus Institute.The performance was integral part of the International Orpheus Academy for Music and Theory 2016, convened by Paulo de Assis with the tilte “Virtual Works / Actual Things”.


Paulo de Assis, concept, piano, and artistic direction

Kurt Dreyer, stage direction

ME21 Collective

Lucia D’Errico, guitars

Juan Parra C., live-electronics

Ensemble Interface

Bettina Berger, flutes

Niels Hap, clarinets

Marieke Berendsen, violin

Christophe Mathias, cello

Agneszka Koprowska, percussion

Anna D’Errico, piano

Special guests

Benjamin Widmer, bariton & projection

Katlyn Dreyer, lighting