3. Epistemology, Philosophy and Aesthetics

ME21 develops methodological, epistemological and aesthetic frameworks for the case studies, so that the specific knowledge and understanding they contribute appears clearly. In critically interrogating the outcomes, Michael Schwab and other members of the team support the Principal Investigator in ensuring that the case studies produce insights and remain of the highest relevance for performance practice and artistic research in general.

Embedded in ME21 ‘Artistic Research and Experimental Systems’ (01.02.2013—31.01.2016) is a specific subproject that explores Hans-Jörg Rheinberger’s theory of experimental systems and evaluates whether it can be meaningfully elaborated within the field of artistic research. It studies ‘experimentation’ in four different directions: experimentation in relation to science; the use of experimentation in music; experimentation as part of artistic research methodologies; the epistemological/philosophical implications. The transdisciplinary understanding of the notion of ‘experiment’ it develops, can be of use for methodologies of artistic research against which future artistic research projects can be assessed.