Artistic Projects

Specific artistic projects contributed to the research, exposing how experimental performance practices concretely sound and appear. They generated artistic-research outputs that are integral part and essential manifestations, of the research process. The artistic projects have been the direct responsibility of the Principal Investigator (Paulo de Assis), who worked in close proximity to one Post-Doctoral researcher with strong expertise in music technologies, sound-projection and sound-recording, video configurations and use of music-related software (Juan Parra C.), and with one Doctoral Researcher (Lucia D’Errico), a musician and artist-researcher with developing interest on aesthetics, philosophy, and epistemology.

Given that the PI is a trained concert pianist, the artistic projects took as case-studies some key works from the standard Western piano repertoire. However, this does not mean that the artistic projects were confined to piano playing and/or piano sonority, for instance the outputs include larger ensembles, as in the case of ‘Con Luigi Nono: Unfolding Waves’ that  requires a full orchestra with two conductors. In addition, un-notated aspects of music have been integral parts of specific projects, including improvisation and collaborative creative practices. Outputs include recordings, web-presence, peer-reviewed journal articles, a monograph by Lucia D’Errico (Powers of Divergence), and a monograph by Paulo de Assis (Logic of Experimentation).

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